Advertising & Rate Disclosures

Advertiser Disclosure

MortgageHog currently does not have any agreements with third parties including banks or mortgage companies. Lenders and rates shown do not reflect an endorsement in a particular company or product.

Information Completeness & Accuracy

MortgageHog does its best to provide as much information for consumers to make the best choice in attaining a personal mortgage. In this pursuit, Mortgagehog has presented one of the most thorough collections of national/regional lenders and mortgage rates available to consumers - though not all lenders and potential rates are presented. Interest Rates & Fees displayed on MortgageHog are collected directly from lenders public sites that can also be accessed by consumers at any time. Although we do our best to guarantee accuracy, there is the potential for inaccurate rate information or lender fees.

Rate & Product Availability

In addition, rates presented are not necessarily available by a lender and can be subject to regulatory limits, geographic limits, income limits, down payment limits, etc. Certainty of availability of a given product and interest rate can be performed by contacting lenders directly and requesting a GFE (Good Faith Estimate).

Lender Fees

Lender fees include all fees paid directly to the lender for funding a given mortgage. Lender fees include application, processing, and origination fees. Typically, these fees are a fixed amount regardless of the size of your loan. Lender fees can also include discount points and origination charges which are fees equal to a percentage of the loan borrowed. Lender fees do not include third party fees (title, tax, legal, inspection, etc) which generally don't vary across lenders.

Loan Terms

Unless a labeled estimate is provided, quoted monthly mortgage payments are determined solely from a nominal interest rate, provided loan balance, and mortgage loan term. Property Taxes, Homeowners Insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) , Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees, are not included in monthly mortgage payments for mortgage rate searches.

APR Calculations

Given the difficulty of estimating total third party fees for a given loan which are highly dependent on geography and personal circumstances, APR calculations are based solely on the nominal interest rate and any applicable lender fees that are estimated by MortgageHog. Generally, third party fees do not vary widely between lenders and as such are not absolutely necessary to provide a rough basis of comparison between mortgage products.