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Mortgage Rates

Lender Summary

Suntrust Bank is a national lender serving consumers in 47 states and provinces. Suntrust Bank offers a broad range of product offerings including conventional fixed mortgages in year terms.

States Served

Suntrust Bank is a national lender serving customers in all 50 states except: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon.

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Lender Fees

Lender fees include processing, underwriting, application, and origination charges. Unlike processing, underwriting, and application fees, an origination fee is based off a percentage of the loan amount similar to a discount point. Suntrust Bank has the following FIXED charges for each loan originated: processing - $995, underwriting - $0, application - $0. Suntrust Bank does not charge an origination fee.

Suntrust BankExample Fee Calculation
Fixed Lender Fees$995
Origination 0%$0
Total Lender Fees$995
APR Increase0.026%

Mortgage Rates

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